Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's the little things...

It's strange just how much the little things matter sometimes. Something tiny and insignificant can change everything. Seeing a word can make you angry. A single name can make you want to run away.

It may be over reaction. It may be that you're being a bit sensitive. It could even be that you're creating drama out of absolutely nothing.

And yet, it's still there. That minute, trivial thing just clawing at you. Asking, begging, pleading for your attention. It wants you. It wants everything you've got. That thing can own you and it knows.

What becomes important now is how you handle it. Do you give in? Are you going to allow something so seemingly insignificant to derail you? Of course not, you're stronger than that, you would never...

A part of me is so glad to be escaping to Mexico and it's because of some minuscule detail I happened to notice. Because ghosts do exist and they love to haunt you when you're just trying to live.

I have to live.

-Laughing Boy

PS. I abhor Facebook, but I can't escape it.

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