Friday, June 18, 2010

Band of Horses

I probably picked the best/worst time to discover you Band of Horses. I knew you existed and that I would like your music, but I never gave you time.

And today, when I hit some terrible rocky bottom of a low I hadn't met before, you were there. You were just sitting there, wrapped up in the most beautifully fragile paper-thin perfection.

You opened me up and scooped out all the things I had discovered in myself that I couldn't live with anymore. We put them aside together and I decided to change. I'm changing and I'm keeping you with me forever now. You're the patch for my broken soul. When I shattered today, you put me back together.

I love you. It's silly, because you're still so new to me, but I know it's true. When I look back at this period of my life, you'll be the soundtrack, you'll be the anchor for my memories.

You fixed me when I had reached another point in my life that seemed hopeless. I just pray to God that I can make it, and I'm sure you'll help, but it's all on me now. It's all on me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Laughing Boy